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Anonymous I know it must be sceptical to read such amazing reviews from everyone. There must be a but, so I am giving my honest review with a but. Pros met cool people, learn new technologies and have portfolio. (which you can do on your own) Cons Poor job support, people who says they got good job support must be talking about years ago because recently, codeworks popularity rises so they just accept anyone into the bootcamp, although it is a 3 stage interviews, it's not that thorough. They just want your money and by the end of it, too many people are joining the course and there is only one person in charge of job support, when you ask for help they always say the same thing. Not really helpful. I've talked to a lot of people going to different bootcamps and one thing that codeworks does not have is hiring partners. Conclusion choose wisely, 100% hiring rate is because they hire their own students