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Anonymous I participated to the remote Web Dev bootcamp. The teaching team is really nice patient, approachable and friendly, and they won't hesitate to stay longer in the zoom to help you with projects/labs, which is really appreciated. Regarding their technical knowledge, sometimes I felt they lacked it when we asked questions in depth. Our cohort was about 15+ students and we only had one teacher and one TA, who graduated from Ironhack just a few months before, so his knowledge was quite limited, especially for the projects. This was inconvenient because several times we had to "wait in line" to get someone to help us debug our code (after we spent at least 30 min, if not more, without success). Also, it is super intense and I truly believe that 9 weeks is too short to really learn all that's offered in the curriculum and fully understand. Some topics are briefly discussed but they require a lot more of self-study after the bootcamp as in between sessions we're too busy with the evening labs (which take hours to solve, trust me). Keep in mind that in the full-time bootcamp, there's no day in between each class where you can see deeper some concepts. Every day is super challenging and we're moving onto new subjects quickly, so it's super important to keep your head out of the water and ask questions until you fully understand, otherwise you will miss a lot of knowledge. The technologies studied are overall good for the current job market except for Mongo DB (non-relational DB) which I wouldn't recommend because it's a and nowadays relational DB (like mySQL) are more in demand on job offers. Regarding the career week, to me, it sounded like a joke. From their marketing campaigns, it looks like they'll arrange for you interviews with companies they have an agreement with (based on their "algorithm"), but in fact in that week, you basically learn how to make a CV and a cover letter, and they keep repeating to you that you should use your network and that they won't help you if you don't do your part of the job and complete all the tedious tasks on the student portal. One great thing was the ambiance with the other students and those from other cohorts. Especially during a very intense bootcamp where your brain is overwhelmed, it was nice, even remotely, to get to (virtually) meet up, play games, etc. Overall I don't regret the experience of a coding bootcamp because I learned a lot and that gave me a great push for a career in development, but don't fool yourself, you need to work a lot more and for many more months before you get a job in development unless you have coding experience prior to the bootcamp. A coding bootcamp is really not for everyone. If you're really determined to get a job right after, you better start working months before enrolling. Also, considering the price, I really think it's a rip-off (unless you get a substantial scholarship). The price for the on-site bootcamp and the remote one are almost the same which is not justifiable as by learning remotely, you don't use any location from Ironhack, you use your own desk, electricity, internet, etc, and even for the events, you're bringing your own beer! Honestly, there are plenty of other schools that offer similar curriculums for a much lower price (especially for the remote course). Ironhack doesn't offer anything really exceptional or differenc from other school on the market nowadays.