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Claire Kirby This bootcamp worked for me. And by 'worked' I mean I am now working as a software engineer, about to have my 90 day review at a company and job that I love and it has only been 7 months since I started the program. Only 3 months after graduating, I am earning over double any of my previous salaries. Prior to starting Tech Elevator, I had dabbled in HTML and CSS and tried to teach myself more but it never worked. However, going in Tech Elevator does not require you to have any coding experience. They start from the ground up and build the fundamentals you need to think like and become a developer. Starting with either Java or C#, you learn the core concepts of object oriented programing and then move on to databases, APIs and end with some experience in front end technologies. Alongside the tech portion is the 'Pathway Program'. It is this side of TE (along with their excellent graduation and job placement rates) that originally drew me to this bootcamp. They have dedicated staff who help you craft your new tech forward resume, update your LinkedIn, and network with TE's hiring partners in your area. This help is INVAULABLE. You could be an amazing self taught programmer, but if you don’t know how to present yourself to possible employers you wont get very far. Added to this the instructors are incredible. They are impressively knowledgeable, passionate, and have real industry experience. One of my teachers told us that he wouldn't let us graduate if he could see himself hiring us to his own development team. So while it could just be a 'factory' where they push you through like some bootcamps, they are truly dedicated to the end result of you being an employable and competent programmer. But ultimately Tech Elevator is more than the sum of its parts. It becomes a community to help you through an intense program and into your career beyond. I built a network of peers and mentors that I know I can count on moving forward. My passion for this program makes me want to stay involved and mentor current students in turn and that is what makes Tech Elevator special. All sentiment aside, if you are able to dedicate yourself full time to a 14 week intensive bootcamp, Tech Elevator can turn you into a developer and help you get that job. Their numbers speak for themselves.