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Marchael Acode` If you are considering the Code Fellows program, I encourage you to apply. Through the six month program, I learned more valuable material than I did in a four year college. For people new to the tech world like myself, getting through the course was not an easy task. The program was a gruelling process, filled with sleepless nights and frustration, but the light at the end of the tunnel is well worth it. My understanding and progression of software development was exponential and I am eager to keep learning more. When the lecture was over, we went straight into the lab work where TAs and instructors will assist you with any assignments you are having trouble with or questions you had. It didn't matter if the question was easy or hard to answer, the Code Fellows instructional staff stood by you till you had a better understanding of the topic. Code Fellows not only teaches you about software development, but also the requirements needed to land that job position. During their career coaching sessions, you will be updating your resume to the level of their requirements, connecting you with developers from various companies and preparing you for any situation during a tech interview. Even after graduating from the program, Code Fellows has a career accelerated option where they support you and connect you to multiple tech companies to help guide through the struggles of finding the job. The only thing that would have made the experience better is if we could have gone into the Code Fellows campus. Though given the current COVID pandemic situation and everything needing to be remote, Code Fellows handled the situation very well with daily zoom lectures and provided a virtual compass where we worked on lab assignments. If I had the money and time to take another Code Fellows course, I would take it.