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Yevheniia Bulatnikova My story will be a story of success or a story of perfectly matched coincidence or a story of a stubborn person. It happened in the beginning of the March I accidentally bumped on the adv of SDA Software testing courses. Of course because I was searching for it in google, but I am sure I am lucky just because it was SDA and the info meeting was in couple of days so I registered and attended. Most valuable information that played final part in my affirmative decision was: -possibility to pass ISTQB exam after graduation (the price for exam was included), -SDA cooperate with Tootukassa (so my study was completely sponsored by Estonian government and I think it’s incredible supporting program). The study process: a lot of practice with lectors who actually work in this field with a huge experience and the most important ability to transfer knowledge. The most popular and widely used tools. And of course all theoretical material based on ISTQB syllabus. As you guess I successfully pass all tests got certificate of SDA and later the same happened with the ISTQB FL. The useful tip: register yourself on any croudtesting platform and get rated there in order to have some proven testing experience in addition to your FL certificate from ISTQB (it equals necessary education in IT field). So in order to became an attractive candidate for employer this will be enough. As a result of my 6 month journey I got 3 official offers from Estonian IT companies (1 of them found me via LinkedIn page, so keep it fulfilled and updated. Barbara will help you). I said “YES” to Derivco Estonia and now I am a QA Specialist! Wish all of you good luck. Don’t doubt, everything is possible when you working hard to get it.