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Andrei Alvarez I did Ironhack Part-Time Web Development Bootcamp on the Miami campus. The most important skill I gained with Ironhack was learning to study, learning how to update yourself every day. The Ironhack staff is super friendly, well prepared, and always attentive to help you. Their career services are spectacular because they teach you how to share your growth process with others, and so you end up working for a tech company. For students who don't have a programming background, my advice is to study the prework thoroughly. Delve into each technology if you have time because after starting the course, there are a lot more materials you need to see. The key to learning is to practice as much as you can, so take extra time to code and do the labs. Don't let a day go by without learning something new, doing a kata, or reading an article on Medium about how to improve the performance of your software. Consume technology at all times, and tech will know how to reward you. Thanks, Ironhack!!!