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Cristian Pop This was just what I needed to be able to switch to a career in IT. I have tried alot to study on my own, to follow guides online and so on, but it just wasn't enough. The course helped me understand the full scope of a developer job and offered knowledge for a variety of tools needed. You always have the support of the teachers and they can explain concepts in multiple ways until you understand it. Having the teachers there for assistance is much better then just the text online, as they can help each individual specifically for the problem encountered. As a result of the course, I got a job as an Application Management Engineer in the same month I have finished my course. Pros: -A great deal of knowledge and subjects in the curriculum -Supportive and experienced teachers -HR support for CV and LinkedIn account -300+ hours of practical and theoretical study, which is more then I have seen on other courses Cons: -You need to put in alot of extra-effort, especially if you have zero knowledge of programming; attending just the course is not enough (it's something they tell you from the beginning), you need to work at home as well, which can be difficult if you have a job as well (this is not necessarily a con) -Some of the tools studied are outdated (like JavaFX), but this is usually changed with newer generations of students -It can seem like there is a huge deal of knowledge crammed into a small time-frame, especially if you don't put in any extra effort at home; I would suggest spending more time on the important tools and knowledge, like the Java basics, Spring Boot, Angular etc, and less on things like Java FX or parts of Spring that would take more then a day to understand (like Spring Security), done in half a day