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Jade B. My experience at Makers was overall extremely positive. It enabled me to move from a career in senior administration into my first job in the tech industry, within a year, which is an incredible timeline for a career change. The course itself is hard work and constantly stimulating, equipping you to become a driven self-learner in software engineering. For those who are committed to pursuing a career in tech, keen to challenge themselves, and willing to make the time & financial commitment, Makers will help you thrive. Their emphasis on and approach around wellbeing, ensures that those students who may struggle with the intensity/speed of the course or the team working aspects, have the necessary support to move forward and achieve their goals. The staff are fantastic and switched on. I was fortunate to have been placed in a wonderful cohort with hard-working and like-minded peers. The course is heavy on team work: you pair program daily as well as build projects in teams. This is vital to building first-hand experience of collaboration (and people skills) within this field. I imagine it is down to luck what kind of people are in your cohort, which will inform your overall experience. The careers team are very communicative and clearly work hard to assist you in your job hunt. The job hunt can still be a real challenge, depending on the current job market etc, but I am not sure if there are other bootcamps out there with the same level of job hunting support and aftercare for their students.