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Danielle Catterill I never write reviews, but IO genuinely deserve all the fantastic reviews they continuously get, so I wanted to add mine. I joined the course without any prior coding experience, just a genuine interest and desire to learn. Everyone there is so supportive, and genuinely wants you to succeed. Even after graduating and securing my first developer role, IO are still very much there for their alumni. Class sized are kept small, and set up like real dev teams, so even from day 1 they are preparing you for a career in tech. They alternate theory and project weeks, so you really get to practice what you learn and consolidate your knowledge, rather than feeling like you've rushed over content. The curriculum and teaching is done in a way that gives you a strong foundation to build your career on, rather than feeling like you've just had a brief introduction on things. I've really felt this going into my first developer role, for example when my team are discussing OOP concepts, and I can contribute! My advice to anyone thinking of taking the Full-Stack Track at IO is take the 100% do it! It's one of the best decisions I ever made.