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Alessandro Bardelli Python Remote course in English: Software Development academy Estonia remote course, I am writing here cause the main office is in Poland. I can say I have lost 825€. I withdrew from the contract at half of the course. I’ll start saying that I’m not new in the IT, I actually work at ibm and I have other languages programming knowledge. I have made my researches before getting in this course, I added many people on LinkedIn related to the SDA and asked them how was their experience and 90% of the feedbacks I have got was good. So I was feeling exited to start this journey with sda that was also recommended from a my colleague who’s a backend developer here in Wroclaw. At the beginning I/we were just a bit worried about the material given to us from sda but the first two teacher were compensating with their knowledge. After about 2 months sda started changing teachers. At that point everything got worse. The teachers started rotating between them. We started having teachers that barely spoke English and the material was really poorly written in English and even though we asked with many complaints to them to review it and upgrade nothing still had changed. For the records I have to say that At the end when I was leaving they asked me if they would cover back all the “missed and badly delivered” lectures for free if I would stay. Due the total disappointment I said no. At that period I had found 100 times better material online for practically free confronting the sda price range. Other 3 people left the course. I want to underline and repeat myself that I am talking about The Python remote course from scratch. The others might be excellent courses, but this was my experience with that one. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Drop me a message I can send u plenty of material for basically free. Instead of spending thousands of euros for course that isn’t worth 300 EUR. Here attached an email that a teacher wrote for us being concerned about general disappointment of the class. I have plenty of other screenshots feel free to ping me on LinkedIn or fb and I’ll reply you back :).