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Ammar Nassri Oh man, just finished up the curriculum and currently getting ready to apply for jobs. Here are the pros and cons of my experience: Pros: - The curriculum is extensive, everything you need is explained in full details in articles, reiterated in videos and then the TAs would go over examples to make sure the concepts are understood. - There are projects to do every single day, which makes learning much more hands-on. - The staff are very easy to talk to and are available when needed. Cons: - The curriculum can use some proofreading, typos are everywhere and as a former designer, they all jump out to me. Really not many negative things I can think of about my experience. It really has been a pleasant experience for me. With that said, it really is an intensive bootcamp. LOTS of materials to digest within a short amount of time, which takes a toll on personal life. So plan accordingly.
kasey mcgee

I thought that with education costs and the time it takes to get a degree, I would never be able to transition into software engineering. Not while taking care of my family anyways. Well with their deferred tuition and instructional approach, I can proudly say I have made the switch and with everything I have learned I feel confident with my skillset and look forward to the opportunities to come! I do gotta say though, no one is going to do this for you. They have all the tools and curriculum and support you need. You just have to buckle down and get it done. There is no easy way! The Job search is just that... a Job search! You gotta put in the work for that too. No one is going to be begging for you to work for them you need to put in the work for your own branding and self presentation as well. This for me is the hardest part! Good luck to all those who are going to take the leap it will be worth it!