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Rodolfo Ferreira Great knowledge of the instructors and extremely valuable content, covering a lot of the topics that are most important and required in the data science field. Extremely fast paced and hard work but very rewarding in the end. I would recommend to have some skills and programming knowledge before attending the course as it would be very valuable but is possible to complete if you put in the hard work.

I've done the week long intensive for both UX and Product Management (through their Sydney Campus) and can highly recommend both for anyone looking for a crash course in either of these areas. I found the UX course incredibly valuable - I had done plenty of web design work but had never specifically learnt UX. Our trainer was fantastic. He was passionate and very experienced in the field so was able to provide plenty of insight and advice through his own experience. The content was great and was grounded in plenty of hands on practical work both individually and as a team. I was looking to change careers and through doing this course I gained the experience and knowledge I needed to land a job as an Associate PM. The PM course I did after some time in my new PM role so I came in with a few months experience. Our trainer was great and the content was a good overview of the role of a PM but I didn't get nearly as much out of it as I did with the UX course. There is a lot of overlap between the PM and UX content so I would advise against doing both. The PM course was a good way of bringing together and solidifying everything I had learnt at my new job but it didn't go nearly as in-depth as I would have liked. It would have been much more valuable had I done it one month into the role. Who are these courses for: - People who desire to change careers and have a small amount of knowledge about the role and are wanting a good introduction. You will not get a job based on this course alone and will need to ensure you have supplementary experience on your resume to back you up. - People established in a different role looking to gain some knowledge to enhance what they're currently doing. If you're happy with your current career pathway but are looking to gain some quick skills/knowledge, these courses will be great. Who this is NOT for: - If you're already in the specific role you're intending to study, ROI drops off very quickly with every passing week/month. Unless you're struggling, I wouldn't bother. The hands on experience you're already getting is likely enough. - If you've got ZERO experience/knowledge/understanding regarding the role or related industry I would suggest going off and doing your own self guided research first. You'll get way more out of the trainers and content if you've got some baseline knowledge. 1 week vs 10 week course: For both of these I did the 1 week course as it was best for my situation. If you're someone who is seriously looking at changing careers I highly suggest doing the 10-week option. Having time to work on your major project; to digest the content; to do your own supplementary research; to ask your trainer questions etc will work greatly in your favour. The 1-week option will potentially feel rushed and shallow although still valuable.