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Jeff Granof This bootcamp is not for everybody, but if you are willing to set aside 24 weeks of your life and pretty much only focus on developing your skills as a software developer, this is the place to go. The teachers are all wonderful. The curriculum covers a wide array of material, teaching fullstack web development. If you want to be a developer within 6 months this is the school to do it at.
Miah Barnes App Academy is a fast paced, challenging, web development course that claims it can teach people to code with no prior experience. I attended the bootcamp in June of 2020. Here are my thoughts. Pros: -Lots of help. -Friendly staff. -Has a current curriculum because it always updates. -You pair program a lot, a necessary skill for team based tech jobs. -The staff works extremely hard to make sure you understand the material. -They help you find a job after graduating. -Lots of payment plans/options for people, for example the deferred tuition. Cons: -Expensive -Not enough coverage on data structures and algorithms. You can make the argument that the price is worth what you get out of it. Similarly, you educations depends on you being willing to put in a lot in order to get a lot out of it. In a way you dictate the experience you have here. I enjoyed my time here. The welcoming environment was nice, and the teachers spent countless hours teaching you how to solve problems, rather than just pointing to solutions. If you genuinely want to learn and have the drive to survive the 6 month long program, you will learn a lot of information. In addition to the price the lack of data structures and algorithm teaching is in part the draw back of all boot camps, there simply is not enough time to teach you everything. They make an effort on this front however, by teaching you how to teach yourself. So by then end of it if you don't know something, you can easily find out how to do it.