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Shaquon T Kelley

I went to Hack Reactor with my mind set on the prize. I knew it would be hard but nothing could have prepared me for the rigor of this course. There were times where I thought I couldn't make it but I pulled through and learned so much on the way. From learning advanced full-stack skills to learning all the soft skills I need to be a good team member and interviewee it was a journey that I'm proud to have completed. The support is there. There's help desk when you get stuck and the staff is amazing. They're all very passionate about their jobs and the exemplify that throughout every process within Hack Reactor. I started at a major tech company out in SF (remote position) and I'm loving it so far. Everything I learned at Hack Reactor I'm having to use on the job. I'm fully prepped to be the best dev I can be here. Thanks HR.