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Ben Pilcher I can't say enough good things about Tech Elevator! I'm a fairly risk-averse person, so quitting my previous job and taking a chance on a full-time bootcamp was a huge decision. I had heard good things about Tech Elevator from previous students, and everything they said turned out to be accurate. Tech Elevator provided the instruction and support I needed to go from someone with no technical background to a full-stack developer in just 14 weeks. (NOTE: The pace of learning and the workload are not for the faint of heart, but Tech Elevator was upfront about this from the beginning. If you are willing to work hard and trust the process, you'll be successful.) One thing that sets this bootcamp apart from others is the Pathway career preparation program. I had no idea how to prepare for a career in tech, but the Pathway team guided me and, most importantly, provided direct access to employers looking to hire students like me. I officially graduate tomorrow and, thanks to Tech Elevator's employer matchmaking process, I have already accepted an amazing position as a full-time software developer at a major company in my area. Finally, the people at Tech Elevator are its strongest asset. Throughout the 14-week program, all of the instructors and staff provided much-needed encouragement, ample academic support, and genuine enthusiasm and investment in our success as students. I recommend this program to anyone looking to "elevate" their career!
Nicholas Simmons I fully recommend the Tech Elevator program in Cincinnati. I came in doubting my ability to keep up with the curriculum. The instructors are pros at teaching the principals and application of software development. I can confidently call myself a junior developer now after my time at Tech Elevator.
Matthew Ruiz As a graduate from Cohort 9 in the .NET course from Tech Elevator, I can officially say this was the best possible move I could have made. If you are reading this, you are probably simply researching, or more likely, on the fence about applying. I myself thought about applying for 2 years, and I wish I did it sooner! I was allured by the great statistics and recognition the received. AND THEY DELIVERED. Everything 100% exceeded my expectations. The best takeaway, however, is the Pathway Program. Not only do I know tech, I now know companies, hiring partners, and colleagues in tech.