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Overall, it’s been a good and transformative experience for me. Most of all, I value the sense of community, specially among the fellows in the same cohorts, and to a lesser extent but still existing, among all members. The strategies that PG teaches for PM job hunt are quite informed and inspired, and in my personal opinion, bound to a high success rate, if fellows have the necessary dedication, time and resources to pursue them and iterate. The PM classes/workshops are quite useful, specially in providing interview oriented topics for the corresponding subjects. The quality of them could vary greatly (even for the same class, from the same instructor and same set of slides and materials) but the great thing is that all the previous classes are recorded and readily available for every fellow to through on their own time, if they want to. The coaches are responsive, and in most cases within a reasonable timeframe. They are quite cooperative, open and helpful. Remember that it’s on you to be proactive, ask questions, follow up, and use the resources; If you do so, you will get response from a supportive community. If you do not, no one cares about following your progress or commitment to the resources provided. In a gym analogy, there are always instructors available to guide you, but no personal trainers to push you or follow up with you. It’s all on you, as advertised. In summary, the greatest value of the Product Gym for me is a community of fellows, of whom many with valuable experiences to share, and many with great sense of support and camaraderie to offer in the tough path of pursuing a PM job. On the other hand, as lifetime fellow, one aspect that I hope to improve toward being less aggressive and more open, is the PG’s sales tactics.