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Nicole M Rogers

I took the 10 week Brainstation Product Management course virtually (through their Online Live platform) over the course of the Fall - finishing up this December. It was the perfect thing to do on dark Tuesday evenings in a pandemic. This was my second Brainstation course and highly recommend it if you’re looking to familiarize yourself with PM concepts. I’ve been a PMM before, so I was familiar with many of the units covered in class from observing PM’s on the job, however, I never really had the opportunity to practice them myself. In order to complete the course, you have to do a project - either alone or in a group - and present your Go-to-Market strategy (though the presentation part is not mandatory). I found myself looking forward to spending time on the project and it’s really the best way to actually absorb the content. I feel confident that I could apply my learnings to real-life situations, either on the job or in a job interview. I learnt more in these 10 weeks than the last year+ of reading product management and agile methodology books. Pros: - Instructors from the industry who have relevant experience and teach in a practical approach - Project must be completed which allows you to practice concepts - Minimal commitment: 10-weeks for 3 hours in the evening - Very intuitive digital student platform to retrieve course material and submit projects Con: - Only downside of the Online Live approach is that the unit that covered agile methodologies and SCRUM would have been best in-person. The chance to practice a real Sprint planning exercise in a group of people would have been a worthwhile exercise. They could perhaps do this virtually, but would have to be an 11th class (bonus exercise) as there's no extra time within the 10 classes