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Vincent Bucci

After coming from a few different careers the idea of starting a coding bootcamp seemed ridiculous to me. Being able to have a new career after 3 months seemed like the biggest scam to me but after meeting and talking with the faculty at Tech Elevator I quickly realized this was the furthest thing from a scam. Everyone that is employed there is thinking of your best interests and the ultimate goal of getting a job. There is not enough words to express how amazing everyone who works here is. They care about you as a student and as a person and want to help you in every way. The program is very difficult and they know this and take it into consideration every step of the way. They were always available for assistance if you needed help with something and that was easily the best part about the program. If you had a question someone was there to help you. Having a pathway program that helps you on your soft skills and interviewing was amazing. Coming from an undergrad degree and a masters program where no one takes your careers into consideration this was a fantastic change of pace. I felt prepared when applying to jobs and interviewing. The technical aspect was amazing as well. With incredible instructors who take their time and help you learn the material. I feel confident going into my new career as a junior developer. It was a fantastic experience that I would recommend to anyone who is considering a career change. You could not be in better hands than the people who work at Tech Elevator.