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As someone who aspires to join the data analytics field, I joined this course to learn more about machine learning and I really learned a lot from it. The instructor and teaching assistances were really approachable and passionate about what they are teaching.


Attending this course has provided me with so much knowledge that I can continue to develop on my own. The teaching team is also super helpful and will help with anything and everything every step of the way. Definitely recommend this course for any data science enthusiasts!!


Attended their AI200: Applied Machine Learning course. The instructors were very helpful and knowledgeable in their content delivered. The course is heavily on their content but they break it down that is simple to understand and easy to follow. There were multiple assignments that reinforces my learning on each topic and competition to wrap the lessons up. Overall, I believe that the curriculum is very detailed and well-suited for introducing a beginner to the ML industry.


The AI200 track taught by Heicoders Academy had gone beyond my expectations. The instructors and assistants are very helpful and clear in explaining the concepts taught. The course provides insights to what data analysis is like on a day to day basis.. The course is easy to follow with no prior knowledge on machine learning. The Kaggle project in the course has been very beneficial and allowed me to experience what it is like work on machine learning model and was a very fruitful experience.

Ng Shen Jie

This course was truly beneficial and it's impressive how the instructor is able to break down complicated concepts into simpler, easily-understandable notebooks and student exercises. I especially enjoyed how the instructor focuses on the concepts and intuition behind machine learning. The incorporation of student exercises and projects into the curriculum was also helpful in helping me to internalize the concepts and gain the confidence to apply it in real life. Highly recommended for people who have a passion for data science and machine learning!


The course focuses on developing techniques and skills that are advantageous in the real-world. Furthermore, they incorporate projects and competitions that really help hone your skills! The curriculum they offer is also well-planned and ordered strategically to build up in intensity over time.


Took part in the AI200 course which was my first ever exposure to machine learning. The course was well planned in terms of structure which makes it easy to link concepts. Notebooks and content were helpful and reader friendly. One thing to note is that this course is fast-tracked, so participants need to put in more time than usual to keep up with the class.

Kai Wei

Well designed syllabus as well as the lesson conducted! Learnt from the scratch on how to analyze, clean and visualize data sets. Machine Learning is no doubt hard to learn and understand, but this course trains my thinking process and push me to work extra miles on ML knowledge which is extremely useful in real life.

Cheryl Goh

- Extremely Enthusiastic Instructor. Through this course, not only will you be equipped with basic ML concepts, you will also takeaway newfound inspiration and drive to hustle! - Very well structured syllabus, with emphasis placed on foundational knowledge for each topic. Expect to get a good grasp of concepts taught. - Bonus content available! Thus suitable for students of various learning rates. There will be something to take away for everyone. - Many real-life application examples are given, thus you will be able to immediately see value in what you are learning


The course instructors were very readily available to handle queries and, the course material was really useful in terms of teaching and applying the skillsets taught. The competition also helped to solidify many of the learning objectives!! Overall it's a great course


As a student looking to gain a deeper understanding about Data Science , this course have been really insightful, would definitely recommend this course for aspiring data analyst/scientist! The course curriculum was really well structured, catering to students at all skill levels. The course materials were really helpful in explaining complex jargons/terminologies, and there were extra practices as well to reinforce the concepts taught in class. In addition , the instructors were really friendly and approachable as well! They definitely went beyond their duties to ensure that every student is able to grasp the concept. Learning about Machine Learning Models was much easier with Heicoders! Thank you for the experience :)