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Lamya Ezzeldin

I had 3 great learning experiences at BrainStation, both in person and online live. Most recently, I completed the 5 week Product Management course. In this case, I was gearing up for a career switch into the tech industry, and I just got hired as a PM (not knowing very much about what the role involved). Without a doubt, the course at BrainStation helped me develop a foundation I needed to be successful in my career switch. One thing that's consistent about all BrainStation courses is their focus on keeping the curriculum current and updated with all the developments and digital skills required in industry. They provided a great overview on PM processes as well as real-life examples from our instructors (who actually work as Product leaders in industry). I found that the reading I was doing on my own complemented the course material very well. Also, as with all BrainStation courses, there is emphasis placed on applying skills through a project. I think this is where I derived the most value from the course. There is a lot of theory and processes in Product Management, and it differs between companies, but I found that going through the project enabled me to begin to form my own "philosophy" and unique approach to PM. I would certainly recommend this course to anybody starting off as a PM and encourage them to couple the course content with some independent reading on PM. I would be ready for 2-4 hours of extra work per week on the course project as well. Also, take advantage of the close, small-class environment (even online) and reach out to other classmates and engage with the instructors both in class and on Slack.