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I found Codaisseur when searching for a Bootcamp, that would enable me to effectively change my career into web development, so I found their No Cure No Pay business model perfect. The course itself happened to be the most stressful and hard 11 weeks of my life because the learning pace is so fast, but it is surprisingly doable with the way lectures are structured and with the personal help of one of the nicest and most resourceful teachers and assistants I ever met. As someone with no technical background, I wouldn't be able to learn so many technical skills in only 11 weeks, and what's more, Codaisseur gave us the right tools and skills to actually enter the job market fully prepared. All along the way and even after the academy, we were given the support of career advisors, were able to join online employer meetup events, and much more. I found a job with one of the biggest companies in the global payments industries only 2 months after graduating from the academy. I think this is the biggest added value of Codaisseur, the support you get when actually looking for the job.

Leonie Peters

Almost two years ago I decided to change my path and learn to code. Codaisseur has been the best imaginable place to start. They not only teach you the most modern web development tech stack, but evenly important they teach you how to be confident of these new skills. The amount of knowledge can be overwhelming, but then you notice you get your app to work, one line of code at the time.

Max Guiking

I am very glad I've chosen Codaisseur to kickstart my new career. The teachers are very friendly and knowledgeable and the course pushes you to learn something new every day. It was not hard at all, and the assessments are easy if you have a lot of fun coding and learning like I had. But I couldn't have learned as much, and especially this fast, by myself. The ocean of coding blogs and tutorials is just too vast, while 90% is outdated. The people at Codaisseur did a very good job of staying up to date with the latest technologies. The things I learned were directly applicable at my first job as developer. The course touches every aspect of being an effective junior developer. But in the end it's up to you to become one. And if you are enthusiastic and serious about it, the teachers at Codaisseur will be there for you to help you overcome any obstacle. Although the team was also there for me during my job search period, I didn't need it because I sent out a lot of applications end found my dream job after one month.


I am a graduate of class 36. Participating in the bootcamp really brought my career to the next level and I am more that happy I chose to follow a bootcamp at the Codaisseur Academy. The teachers are passionate about what they're doing and know how to translate complex topics so beginners understand what is going on. Luckily I was prepared before I participated as I already had knowledge about html, css and Javascript. I think I would recommend new students to look into these topics before starting the academy as it takes a bit of the pressure off at the beginning. However, this does not mean you have to give everything and focus as it's really intense to learn so much in such a short time. Having said that I still 100% recommend following this bootcamp if you want to Kickstart your career and want to bring your skills to the next level!