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GA have taken on an interesting model of education. They focus on job skills to help people find jobs that sound okay on paper but is horribly lacking in educational standards and values. It is basically an internship you pay to do for a nonexistent employer. Fine for the unemployed. The courses are best contextualized as an on the job experience where the learning undertaken involves listening to 2 hr lectures from industry professionals who then assign a major project and then "new employees" complete the project. There is nothing wrong with this model on paper, but as there are no learning objectives, well developer curricula, or teaching methodology married with this approach, it basically becomes a manager walking a new employee through how to complete a task. If this was to be done fairly, the price point needs to change. Without any formal qualifications required for instructors, random industry professionals control the class, and they dictate and determine how the class would be delivered with major inconsistencies in the way courses are delivered. As anyone who has experience in the education industry can imagine, this leads to many issues in the integrity of an education institution.