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Rose Lin

Came into the course as a year 1 finishing first semester in Information Systems, without any background understanding of machine learning. This course served as a really great boost to help me overcome the inertia and lack of confidence to approach this daunting field of study. The instructor was able to explain these concepts well in layman terms with easy to understand analogies. In addition, assignments were very helpful and of adequate challenge with handles to support students in solving them independently. After finishing this course, I feel much more confident than before in approaching this field and in being able to learn and explore more independently in the future as well. In addition, the instructor was very supportive and encouraging, willing to go the extra mile to support students in their learning journey. No regrets signing up.


The course has offered clear content and material to support us; the instructor explained, and examples are easy to understand. The assignment is useful to consolidate the class's learning points; especially the last two assignments, there is an open-end question to improve machine learning scoring I like the most. Overall, I found I did really enjoy the course.