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Nausicaa Lusano

Mine was the first class to be taught fully on remote, therefore the start was postponed by 20 days to let the academy regroup and prepare, and I believe that they did a very good job. Our main communication channels were on Slack and Discord, and live lectures were held via either Discord or Zoom, with screen-sharing. We had two main assessments which failing either meant not being able to progress in the lessons, but without any obligation to pay tuition costs (as per contract, "No Cure No Pay" type), but with the possibility of a retry if over a minimum mark; we also had a final assessment at the very end, on our final portfolio project, a group project, and after that, a week of Job Accelerator. The teachers are all very qualified and the curriculum is beginner-friendly, complete and up to date, and mentioning the human aspect might seem a bit off-topic, but as we all know the imposter syndrome can be a huge issue, especially if you're a total beginner, and during the pandemic the feeling of isolation can be overwhelming, especially for expats who don't have any family or friends around - like it was for me, since I moved specifically to attend Codaisseur. Not only the teachers, but all the advisors and staff are very friendly and warm people, and I found nothing but a welcoming and supportive environment, either about becoming a developer and the challenges and self-doubt many students face, or the isolation and social deprivation due to the pandemic. At the end of every week (or every other week) we'd get a survey in which to anonymously assess and give feedback on how we were doing (not just limited to the course technically, but emotionally too), how the teachers were doing and how they could improve their service.