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I was at first a bit hesitant to share my bad experience at Codaisseur. However, since they were emailing their students to write reviews as a result of revenue loss due to a number of bad reviews coming in, I feel like I also should speak up. Maybe instead of trying to excuse yourself for all sort of reasons, focus on improving the quality instead? (I still see persistent issues in bad reviews that kept coming up again and again). I believe in the past, Codaisseur used to grow up organically with quality teachers and small-size classes. But during my time studying on-site, I started to notice that, despite not having enough teachers to really pay attention to students and answer their questions, Codaisseur still pushed more classes and received more students in a very, industrial way. I recalled so many days where we had projects for practice and it was impossible to find a teacher to help. When you started to pay back €11,520, you wondered if it was worth the money. What made me feel like the whole deal Codaisseur offers is a scam, is when you realised that, you have to pay back the whole amount of tuition fee even though you lose your job after the first month. In the contract, they say the trial period is one day. Now with some common sense, how come a company can see you as a real fit in one day? In fact, Codaisseur knows well that almost (if not all) contracts will include one-month probation. If you think that there's no way the company will let you go after one month, think twice. Because once it happens, you will learn it hard by having to pay back 11k yourself. Codaisseur does allow their students to pause the payment for a maximum of 3 months, but trust me, trying to find a job within three months is NOT easy. I remember waking up every day feeling like a death penalty hanging because of such a huge debt and yet still having to focus and try so hard to find another job. It was so much pain of an experience that I wish no one would have to experience it again.


The teachers make it a solid, enjoyable experience. The course is tough, but the atmosphere is great and you really see yourself growing every week. I was able to change my career and now already working as a developer for one year! One of the best decisions of my life.