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Mario Carbonell

I went into General Assembly thinking I probably couldn't code. Weird, right? A lot of money and time riding on the fact that I didn't think I would be able to do it, but after reviewing and doing a lot of researching all signs indicated that General Assembly would teach me how to do it. All of these were 100% correct. The precourse work really put it to the test, was I able to do this? And the assessment was a sort of stop gap; don't pass, probably not for you. Pass, and it's sink or swim, but everyone at GA, even your peers, will make sure that you swim. I really enjoyed this course, really a lot. They start off somewhat easy, and then from there it's into the deep end. The pace of the course is pretty breakneck, it's a whirlwind of information, but if you stick with it you will just be all that better at the end and doing things that you never thought you would imagine (I never thought I would make three functional apps before the course, but now after I'm getting ready to deploy them). All in all, it was an amazing experience, and I graduated with a cohort of wonderful people. The instructors are amazing as well, very patient, willing to explain, and the TAs are the same! I strongly, highly, recommend this course to anyone thinking about taking the plunge. The post-grad career support is great as well!

Robert Friedman

General Assembly's Product Management course is one of the best career investments I have made. My instructor was well educated in their areas of expertise. There were a lot of discussions, critical thinking, and time to make our final projects spotless. My class was full of bright and ambitious individuals who were experts in their respective fields. We were able to connect ideas quickly and easily from the beginning of the course to the end. I was part of a week-long immersive class, and I thought this was best for my learning style. I reviewed the class content the day before and felt prepared for what I was about to learn. The class had homework supplemental to the course, which helped reinforce what we learned in class. I wish I knew more about how to interview for a product manager role and how to share my resume to be ready for a product manager position. Beyond that, I loved my experience with GA's PDM course. I look forward to taking other courses with General Assembly in the future.

Rebecca Parlin

The program was great for support but having a chronic illness and doing 50 to 60 hours of computer work a week took its toll on my physical health which was the only con. They should have a personal plan with people who disclose chronic conditions and need the help with course extensions (just my personal opinion) but other than that it was an amazing experience!

Jai Jalah Kumar

From the admissions/sign-up support through to the course and beyond, the support offered really stuck out to me. GA go above and beyond to help you feel confident and comfortable, and help you get to your goals with the least amount of friction as possible. Everything is done professionally, thoroughly, and lovingly. Completed the 1-week Data Analytics course recently and it was well worth the money.