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Kesman Valdes

I had a great overall experience with the program and would strongly recommend it to anyone looking to transition into data science. The data analytics and machine learning coursework are taught in both, R and Python, but with different emphasis (inference vs prediction) allowing for a more comprehensive exposure to the different ML topics covered. The one-on-one mentor support was very helpful with coursework and the projects, but also with career advice. I met with the mentors on a weekly basis and all 9 mentors worked as data scientists in the industry. Job placement support is also great. After completing the program, I have had the opportunity to join several networking events, get interview skills coaching and work one-to-one on my resume with a career services strategist. The academy is very good at creating networking opportunities and partnering with companies to help you connect with potential employers and continue to build your portfolio. My background coming into the program: Materials science engineering PhD, minimal coding experience (a Coursera Python course), basic statistics skills and no machine learning knowledge. Completed NYC Data Science Academy part-time online bootcamp, which I choose because I had a full-time job throughout the program.