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Hein Htet Oo

To join this course was the best decision I made during December! I have always wanted to learn more about Machine Learning concepts and didn't know where to start. This course was indeed what I needed to kickstart my ML journey! The instructor was able to explain the concepts in clarity with relevant analogies. She also went above and beyond to ensure that every student is able to catch up with the lesson. The support provided by her and the TAs was real quick. I can't wait for AI300!

Justin Cheu

AI200 programme was essentially a very well-packaged Machine Learning course that concisely teaches the complicated concepts of Machine Learning and comprehensively provides the necessary contents and tools for me to grow my coding abilities. From AI200, not only am I able to understand the codes applied for Machine Learning, our instructor has superbly imparted the necessary intuition and concepts needed for me to write out the code from scratch (Something valuable that I feel isn't taught anywhere else). Also, our instructor's enthusiasm and passion have kept me very focused throughout the course; her ability to explain the difficult concepts in a simple manner really allows even a code dummy to be able to understand the intuition. AI200 has been a superb course and I definitely recommend it to my family and peers. Kudos to Heicoder's Academy and big shoutout to our instructor. (If you are really keen on Artificial Intelligence course, AI200 is the way to go!)👍👍👍 #ai200 #heicodersacademy