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finally i can write about this , since the outrageous contract is over. Codaisseur was one of the worst things that I experienced in 2020. a year in which we had covid and unemployment no less. ''Codaisseur'' is what happens when false advertising is funded. they push their students to the point where nobody benefits. except their company ofcourse. graduating from here is a joke. unlike most of the other ''honest'' reviews , mine highlights reality. M and L from the ''hiring'' department (i will leave it to you folks to out yourselves) is in severe need of a course in professionalism and anger management. they see to it that you are milked of your money whether you find a job or not. threatening students over the phone , not answering their calls , making up false information to get them in trouble with the contract , is not very professional, toch? initially I did not wish to write a review , but after seeing the responses to the reviews i wanted to. hear me now, the ''responses'' on this website reflect the very ethos of this school. "was it really happening to you? can you say that you are sure? if we had 500 other people that didnt face that same problem is your argument really valid?" shocking attitude for a learning institution :) statistics are thankfully not based on lies (cue the hiring and graduation percentages) i faced the same and i definitely was not alone. no coordination between staff, students are forced to do whatever it takes to be hired, even accept internship positions they dont want to, accept the first contract they find. I could go on really. do not believe the lies in the responses on the reviews. many colleagues of mine experienced the same. what a pity. not worth wasting time and money over. as one would in dutch , ''ja , doei.''