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Kennet Rajan

Had a blast with their Machine learning course, takes you through all the intricacies of the subject right from Linear to Neural networks. It helps you get an edge & an addition to your resume to help you get ahead in this competitive market. Would recommend.


Did the Data Scientist course from Simplilearn and can say that I was impressed. The platform is really good, and the support team is readily available. Am pretty happy and feel like my money has been well spent. I got a learn a lot and few pretty confident.

Rigbith Rudra

I started off with the course work as a complete beginner and I was skeptical about several questions that came to my mind about the genuineness and the course work modules. Even though I had my doubts I went for it and I was surprised how it helped me progress my career ladder. The specialized course on AI made an outstanding impact on my carreer and now I am highly confident about my learning and skills. I highly recommend this for professionals. Kudos !


Great experience with AI course of SimpliLearn. The modules were easy to understand, the trainers were well educated and very helpful in clearing my doubts. Support team helped me with the course extension since I couldn't complete the course in the stipulated time.