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I followed the 11-week intense bootcamp on site and graduated in december 2020, so I don't know how it is during Covid. From start to finish I had a great experience. The teachers and other people from Codaisseur were great. They were nice, willing to explain problems more than once and it really felt like they cared. They cheer you on and what I found was that, they really wanna know how you are doing. My classmates were nice and willing to help out (it does depend on what kind of classmates you get of course). We sometimes drank a beer after studies on friday at the campus. The bootcamp is hard and it is very challenging. I do think it's best to come prepared, the pacing is high and it's no fun when you start lacking behind. So my tip: know what the basics are and get a little comfortable with it. Like, what is a string or what is an array? And try to do some small exercises at home (for example some Javascript tutorials on The more the better. I had zero programming experience and I did think that made it hard for me. It also depends on how well you get the hang of things. Make sure that you have the time to fully commit to this. I actually had to go to another class because I was lacking behind and re-do 2 weeks again, but they saw potential in me and had the confidence I could do it. And I was SO proud when I graduated and actually did it! The (online) reader that is being used for all the exercises is good overall and always accessible for graduates, but it's not always clear or easy to navigate through. And because of it being a 11-week bootcamp and the high pacing, it sometimes feels rushed and I left code exercises untouched. The last week of the bootcamp is also important. They have a dedicated and knowledgeable instructor who helps with getting hired. You'll get lessons in optimising your LinkedIn profile, your CV and you'll also practice job interviews and such. This was very valuable and I learned a lot from this. I found a job within the first month, which was very fast. Finding a job can be challenging in any area of expertise. I did all the work for it but it also felt like I got a bit lucky to be that fast. Other classmates found one later than 1 month or none at all within the 3 month period. At the moment of writing, I'm working as a developer for a year, something I couldn't have done without Codaisseur.