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KC Thomas

I've just graduated Makers, and have already had my first interview for a position with a company that I'm absolutely thrilled about. I also have another lined up for a different company next week! None of this would have been possible without Makers. Makers Academy helped me to rediscover my passion for just turning ideas into reality. Before joining, I had a lot of "soft skills" that were absolutely marketable, but didn't quite have the more tangible skills to do the things I wanted to do. I felt extremely limited, and had such low hopes for my job prospects and future. Now, I'm so excited to begin building my life and keep moving forward! Pros to Makers: - Excellent group atmosphere (even remotely!) - Everyone is pretty optimistic and excited to be there. - The course material is iterative, and there's more than enough to work on, regardless of your 'level' coming into Makers. - Lots of autonomy and self-guided learning. - Great guidance and support during and after the course. Cons: - Some may find it challenging to guide your own learning. - Not everyone is ready to start applying for jobs immediately out of Makers – which is okay! Most people in your cohort will be at different levels. - Remote learning takes a bit of adjusting if you're not used to it. Zoom fatigue hits really hard after the first group project, but goes away after that.