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The course is great for anyone wanting to get into software engineering. The teachers were always prepared for the lesson and would always help with current and past assignments. The course was also very well designed to push you but not overdo it within the allotted time. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone that wants to jump-start their career. A con of the course is that it brushes over a few things that needed to go into more detail but not a large issue.


I think that I did eventually enjoy my experience at Devmountain. It was mentally taxing and consumed a lot more time than I expected. I had to put in extra hours/weekends to try and master the concepts being taught during the week. They had a pretty good support system set up where alumni could be of assistance. The staff was encouraging and did their best they could to demonstrate and explain difficult concepts and really taught us that we need to be the ones to search for answers online, which I didn't learn to appreciate until later in the program. Each day was challenging and there were many concepts, skills and technologies taught over the course of the 13 weeks.