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Hannah-Lee Grothaus

If you're considering a career in Data Analytics but don't know where to start - Springboard is for you. They give you all the tools you need to get started and provide support every step of the way. Is it challenging? YES! And that's GREAT because they really prepare you for what you can expect in real situations. Is the curriculum perfect? No, occasionally the directions would be contradictory or confusing. BUT there are many mentors, students, and advisors ready to help or fix such things as you come across them. I researched many courses before deciding on Springboard. I don't think you'll find a better price for the support and education you get from them. I am actually confident I will get a job as a data analyst because of Springboard. I came from an arts background, with no analytics experience, and 8 months later am being interviewed for data analyst positions. I got SO much out of this course and am happily writing this review because I truly believe others can too.

Shakita Dennis-Chain

Springboard provides a high-level overview of data analytics. It is self-paced and convenient for those who are trying to learn with other time constraints. The statistics methodology is sound and concise. It was the perfect complement and review to my Quantative Analysis MBA class and Linear Optimization class. Springboard teaches the fundamentals, but students must take the initiative after the course to continually practice and learn to handle exceptions that were not covered in the course. The course focuses on analyzing data once it is cleaned, but data cleaning techniques are necessary to be successful in the industry if you're not given a clean dataset by a data scientist or a data engineer. I became more confident and learned more after internships with data that required mining and cleaning than simply by focusing on concepts in class. If Springboard incorporates an internship, then it would be excellent! The mentors come from the industry and have worked at major companies like Hewlett Packard. Career coaches have worked in a variety of industries as recruiters. So, their advice can be helpful. Everyone wants you to succeed. So, it was a positive experience. My review of Springboard will be complete when I am employed. If I gain employment, then it was worth the effort. If not, then perhaps the program needs adjustments.