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Aman Negassi

I was always interested in looking into a boot camp for improving my programming abilities as I felt college's style of teaching never got to me. With Springboard, my mind was so focused on the curriculum that I questioned if the cost was worth the investment. In retrospect, I would of started sooner as it expanded my mental horizon in a lot of ways from my approach to learning, improving my productivity, better managing my time, and ,y networking skills that translates to being more sociable. The connections I have made have been so invaluable to my growth as a person that my confidence in my ability to succeed has bolstered by the person I have become. It also served as a good time filler during the Pandemic while I was working on the COVID response and graduating college. It was manageable and I attribute the mentorship to that. This program fills the void that college could not fill for me as I feel more clarity in my direction path.