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Estefani Saravia

Before taking Skillcrush's Break into Tech program I didn't know how to code anything. I also didn't understand the different roles that exist in the tech industry. I already finished the Front End Developer track and currently working through the WordPress courses. I love the teaching method, you have teachings in video and written format but most importantly there are portfolio projects that you can build, to me that's where I really learned the most and what helps me get clients/job. The program offers you the possibility to reach out to teachers who kindly and promptly help you solve all your questions. It's a safe space to learn and grow. Another important reason why I chose Skillcrush is because of the guidance and help around finding a job or clients. I've learned so much and currently hunting for a new job and feel very confident that I have the right skillset to find one! This course is perfect (and I highly recommend it) if you want to make a career change and you have no clue where to start or know very little. For someone who is already working as a developer, I would more likely check the add-on courses as you might already know a lot of the stuff in the core of the course. You really get what you paid for and more! You not only get the technical skillset but a lot of different valuable pieces of knowledge to become a well-rounded successful developer.