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Django Koenig

I completed the BCA Web Development Bootcamp Summer 2019. This full-time 12-week course is a ferocious program that I found invaluable. Our course was taught by the renowned, Joshua Burke (a fellow alumni of Northern Vermont University) who was fantastic and very personable. Joshua cares deeply about each students progress sincerely -- something that cannot be taught. I felt as though I could contact him day or night and he would promptly get back to me. The teacher's assistants were also top notch and brought their own ideas and different teaching methods/styles/explanations which at times helped many concepts sink in on a deeper level. The next piece of this Bootcamp puzzle was their attention to setting up students with every possible opportunity to land a great job. We had an in house career counselor that helped us develop resumes and help with mock interviews. Then there were the Lunch & Learns: a chance to meet and connect with the local tech community. I thought this was brilliant. I had no idea there was so many tech companies right here in Vermont! These L&L gave students the chance to learn all the options for jobs in the area and also make personal connections --- crucial in my opinion, to get hired locally. Lastly, there was the capstone project which was a project where students work in small teams partnering with a company, non-profit, or organization to complete a task that has been requested by the company. This is such an important project and it culminates at the close of the course by presenting each team's project in front of the local tech community. Nerve racking (lol) and incredibly gratifying. You, in a way, are pitching yourself to companies (Hey! Hire me!) by showing how you worked as a team and applied the skills you learned during BCA Bootcamp. Important: I was a full time musician that had done odd jobs for years and now I make a great wage working at here in Burlington. Medical, Dental, PTO, other benefits --- things I am truly super grateful for. Benny and Alex (the "founding fathers" haha) are also two superb human beings. If you meet them once, you will never forget their professionalism and caring nature. Highly recommend. That is all. Sign up today y'all!