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One of my greatest experiences in recent times! I started learning coding on my own by using online sources and I never felt confident in my knowledge! As my app could crash before even starting, which could be very frustrating ! Especially if there is no one to help. So, I always had a doubt should I continue or not. Then I found out about Le Wagon, team of great people. In Le Wagon the TAs are always there to help you and speak in simple language for better understanding. Once I graduated Le Wagon, I feel very comfortable and confident, ready for interviews! One of my best decisions ! Definitely will recommend Le Wagon!

marco checchi

I was in marketing, I studied management and innovation, but I had seen web developers work at my companied and I always envied their job and their freedom. A friend of mine recommended le wagon milan, where the organizer is very friendly and entrepeneurial and the course is really good. I quit my job and went for it.. Just two months after I'm about to launch a mobile app and I got an amazing job offer as a freelance. It really opened my mind and I had an amazing time with the students, the teachers and the organize, who now are friends to me. I loved it!