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Joanne Young

After being made redundant during the pandemic, I decided to enrol to Makers after hearing great things from a Makers Alumni. Makers equipped me with everything I needed to be launched into the world of software engineering and I'm so grateful to them for everything. Since day one of the course, you learn an incredible amount - the curriculum is self-led which means you can hone in on the latest technologies, what might be popular today might not be in a few years time, so because it's not rigid you can focus on the latest tech. What I love most is the longevity of what you take away from makers, you're not just learning from the curriculum, you're picking up key skills for the industry project and teamwork, problem-solving, architecture, and even how to learn and debug, which proves valuable after the course and when you've landed your first job in the industry it's those things that will springboard you to a future in tech, aside from just learning how to code. One year later since I started at Makers and to anybody sitting on the fence, I say just do it because you won't regret it - it's the best decision I've made in my life, Thank you, Makers.