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Nicholas Pasieka

I loved taking the Springboard course for Data Analytics. It allowed me to work on my own schedule and go at my own pace. I was able to continue working while taking the course and set myself up to finish in the six month timeline. I would recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in learning about Data Analytics for a career.

Janessa Poole

I am so thankful for my time at Springboard! The course is well laid out and designed to prepare students for a design role. I felt as though the projects contributed to my understanding of Sketch and made me more confident in my abilities to use new programs for design. By far, the best part of the course was my mentor. I struggled initially due to some personal issues, and he inspired and encouraged me to continue with the course, even when I fell behind. With his support and the support of Springboard's career coaches, I graduated this past month. (With a completed resume and portfolio website to boot!) To any future Springboard students reading this: Know that there is a lot of reading in the first few units that may make you feel overwhelmed. You'll make it through! Take a breath, and even if you fall behind, you will have all the resources to succeed. Good luck!!