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Katrina Amor Robles

Choosing to go to LeWagon Milano's Full stack developer program is probably one of the top best three decisions I've made. I didn't know any code or even knew that my computer could do more than just check Facebook and Instagram. Now I'm creating full web applications after Le Wagon's 9 week bootcamp. I tried out Le Wagon's free seminar's online before applying for the school and I was quite impressed with how the seminar was managed. The program itself was challenging and intensive but I was completely supported every day with prepared tools and with fully available professional teachers. What I love is even after the bootcamp, we still have access to all of our tools and even more extra tools as well as a supported international alumni community to help us embrace and develop our new skills. Le Wagon has really figured out how to teach the mentality of coding as well as give you the necessary skills to apply in real world settings. Above all of that, the teachers and the people I've met in Le Wagon are truly one of a kind. I guess, I wouldn't love coding so much if it wasn't for the experience Le Wagon offered. I just wished I did it sooner!

Maria Vittoria Dalla Rosa Prati

I discovered Le Wagon during my semester in Shanghai where I participated to a workshop and loved the teaching approach. I ever since followed their updates and finally started the web development bootcamp in Milan this past September. The overall experience was over my expectations! My dream was to gain the necessary coding skills to be able to turn my ideas into apps and Le Wagon made it possible. It was challenging but in a nice way because of the motivating and community-like environment that the professors and TAs created. I truly lived an amazing experience along with inspiring and interesting people and would recommend it to anyone that shares my goals. Thank you Le Wagon 🚀♥️