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Anastazja Davis

I had done a lot of research on various boot camps and courses, both college and online, and had come to the conclusion that for the money/time investment, Springboard was my best bet. I also liked that there was a focus on supporting you as you looked for work. After being accepted into the UX Design Career Track program, my first month or two were pretty easy. I had already taken a few UX courses, so the early parts felt like a refresher, and I felt like I was just getting deeper into the details - which I liked. Then came the middle part of the course. The curriculum is thorough and rigorous, and I felt overwhelmed at times with the amount of work that had to be done in the time period. Obviously doing this all during a pandemic and upheaval of 2020 wasn't easy, but Springboard was excellent about flexibility. I ended up taking a 3 week pause. 1 week off, and 2 weeks to catch up. My 6 months class ended up being more like 8 months, including the internship, which was extremely valuable. Overall, I feel extremely prepared for the job I have now, and I love that I still have access to my curriculum in case I need to remember something. The best part of the course is the mentorship. My mentor gave me such valuable feedback, and really put the entire process in perspective for me. I am very glad I chose Springboard, especially since they don't just rubber stamp your work to get you out the door. Highly recommend this program.