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My initial form of contact occurred in early December. I spoke with an advisor to discuss my background and interest in the program. Within that conversation, I discussed my economic status at that time and became attracted to Brainstation because scholarships were offered to applicants. I made certain to clearly articulate that I would need full coverage offered in a scholarship in order to pursue a course such as web development since I was not employed. The advisor then expressed that they admired my interest and drive in order to understand the program. The advisor also discussed previous instances where a promising candidate had a financial need and was offered more assistance financially. Overall, the conversation was very positive and the advisor invited me to apply for the web development program on their site. I submitted all parts of my application by mid December. An important part of the application included an assessment challenge, which I spent a considerable amount of time on. I went as far as scheduling a phone call with the advisor at the end of the assessment challenge just to make sure that my assessment was well done. Once I submitted my assessment challenge, I received an email invite for a virtual interview; this occurred three days after I was affirmed of completing the assessment challenge successfully. The interview also went positively well. I recall even discussing ways that I would improve my assessment even further, using real world scenarios. Overall, I was extremely passionate and excited to have found a Boot camp that seemed to have accepted my situation as it refers to my economic and employment status. That same week, I received an email congratulating me on my acceptance into the web development program and quickly shared the good news with my family. My consistency and hard work had paid off and I was on my way to becoming a software engineer. At this time I awaited my official agreement to be drafted and updated on my online application for my review. Two weeks from my approval I emailed Brainstation as I was yet to see a drafted agreement update on my application. The New Year arrived and there was still no reply to my follow up. I became a bit concerned since I looked forward to knowing the details of my agreement and needed to make informed decisions financially ahead of time to pursue the program. Still I remained patient and hopeful. A week prior to the start of the program, I was yet to receive any form of contact or update from my advisor and/or Brainstation. Still I remained patient. Finally, I decided to contact my advisor regarding the matter. The program was to start that Monday and I had not seen any updates on my online application. The advisor reached back to me a few hours later. The conversation opened up with a general hello. The advisor then followed up by asking me if I have considered other boot camp programs, to which I replied “no.” At the moment, I was confused as to why I was asked this, being that Brainstation was the only boot camp of my interest based upon thorough review of the coding program. The advisor stated that I certainly was more than capable based on my successful completion of the application. I followed up the conversation stating that I had emailed Brainstation weeks in advance since I did not see updates to my agreement on my application. I continued to explain my growing concerns on whether the program was still active since no one reached out to me. The advisor confirmed that Brainstation had over 100 successful applicants and that the boot camp was set to begin next week. At this point, I was offended and felt cheated out of an opportunity. The advisor then began a slew of apologies and mentioned that they failed to communicate with their co workers during the time they were away from the office due to sickness. From a professional standpoint, I expected Brainstation to meet me halfway since on numerous attempts, I followed up with the organization. The advisor apologized once more, as he knew I was coming from a good place of heart, but told me that Brainstation could only offer a scholarship of $3,000 as a result. I was asked to consider applying for their February cohort. Quite frankly, this did not suffice as the cost of the boot camp is $15,000. It also demonstrated that he did not truly consider my financial situation through his lack of communication. The advisor lastly stated he will update my agreement for my review at that moment. When I made the decision to pursue Brainstation, I rearranged my schedule and strategically planned to join the January Cohort as I knew that the following cohort in February would not work out for me. I was clear, thorough and consistent in explaining my economic status through communication. Brainstation showed itself to be very unprofessional and quite frankly offensive in several respects. I decided to write and share my experience for several reasons. Firstly, I have been unable to contact anyone in the corporate office via (800) 903-5159. Secondly, I want those of you who are reading and interested in the program to experience what I went through. Lastly, I hope that Brainstation reads my story and improves their communication and professionalism overall. Thank you.