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Agata Klus

I worked in managerial roles in food retail for the last 11 years. I wanted a new challenge in my professional life and I decided last year to change my career. I wanted to find a reputable school to start my journey in programming world that would point me in the right direction. Joining Le Wagon was the best decision that I could make after leaving my job. I had the most amazing 9 weeks of a very intensive learning. The whole experience was fantastic. The teachers, TA’s, students, the whole community willing to help when required was something refreshing and very modern approach. Le Wagon learning system is something that stood out for me. It is very well organised, it has loads of helpful learning materials, challenges and of course one-on-one help from teachers, our favourite “tickets”. I loved the most working on our team final projects in the last 3 weeks of the bootcamp. This was the opportunity for us all to see how much we all learnt and the fact that we had required skills and knowledge that allowed us to build a real product was simply great! An extremely rewarding feeling! I still can’t believe what we achieved in only 9 weeks time. Thanks to Le Wagon team for all of their help and support! You rock guys!

Alexandre Cyr Zagame

I decided to learn to code after several years working in sales and business development. I chose le Wagon because of their applied methodology and their focus on teaching people without any prior coding knowledge as well as their well earned reputation within the industry. I joined the first class of the Stockholm campus and during 9 weeks I immersed myself into the world of web development. Not only did I learn coding but also how to work in a team with profiles so different from mine. I am very happy to have had teachers from all over the world who had either completed the bootcamp themselves, or were long-time industry professionals. This was very encouraging for my future. If you are thinking about joining a coding bootcamp know that it will be the best decision you will make. Being able to achieve so much in so little time and learn a whole new scope of hard skills is incredible. If you are on that decision cross-road, keep in mind that joining a bootcamp is not the easy road to take. Give it your full commitment, set the right expectations from the beginning and never give up. You won’t regret it.

Henry hall

Before Le Wagon I was a graduate engineer, looking to boost my skill set whilst searching for a job. I decided the Le wagon data science bootcamp would be a great way to do this and this proved to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! I couldn’t recommend the course enough, the staff/ teachers were incredible, curriculum expertly planned and the general environment inviting and warm. We were pushed to the limits of our abilities and put in a great position to start building our own projects, in my case using the latest tech in deep learning language processing to build an environmentally focused sentiment detection platform, something I couldn’t have dreamed of doing before the course began.