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Amanda Chang

Overall, I think the course is well-structured to help students with different backgrounds to learn new skills in data analytics. Even though it's designed to be a 6-month program, for students with relevant experience, they can speed up their learning and complete the course within 3-4 months as it's self-paced. I was able to complete the course in 3 months, as the mentors and student advisors were very responsive whenever you have questions (they have many mentors available besides the 1:1 mentor assigned to you). The career service from Springboard is overall very effective as well since most of the career coaches are professional technical recruiters and have been in the field for many years - I've worked with 3 career coaches, they are all very strategic in terms of resume writing and interview preparation. I was able to receive 2-3 times more interview invitations since I joined the program. The 1:1 mentorship is definitely the primary value of the program. My mentor was very supportive and knowledgeable - provide me lots of actionable feedback and advice. He really guided me down a career path that led me to an offer. I am overall satisfied with this investment.