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Alex Zeigher

Springboard is a well run organization that offers ample support and expertise in each field. Students have access to mentors at many convenient times and a community that readily shares experiences and offers feedback. The program is a great way to gain the foundational skills needed to enter a desired job market.

Ashish Castelino

After researching online for almost 2 months, I finally zeroed down on Springboard. I have never had a pleasant experience with online studies, however Springboard is a game changer. Not only do they support you completely during the course, an extended 6 months support, post competition is provided which is an USP to Springboard. Moreover weekly one to one mentor calls, truly motivate you complete the weeks curriculum in order to present/ discuss with your mentor. Springboard also offers a Job Guarantee program to all eligible students, with the best of the best career coaches to guide you find you dream job. What I liked most was the flow of curriculum. Straight to the point. I can confidently say I learnt and enjoyed the last 6 months at Springboard and will definitely recommend SB to family and friends.