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TL;DR: Really Difficult but Worth every penny, the staff is amazing and the curriculum is great and up to date. I switched careers and landed an amazing job in less than a month during a pandemic. I was looking for the most demanding Bootcamp I could attend in Barcelona where there are way too many options, I had 0 coding experience when I decided I would into Codeworks, and I'll summarize my experience into the stages one goes through. Admission: the admission is really tough as it includes a technical interview and a 1-week(or 2 if you need an extra week) technical task which is a Single page app. you will need to study on your own and put effort into getting in, they say their admittance rate is less than 5% but that also means that once you are in, you are surrounded by very capable and motivated students. Pre-Course: after you are in, you are granted access to theoretical material and 3 practical exercises that were at least to me very tough and challenging, its a requirement to have this ready before you are able to start the course, if you don't then they will reschedule your course for a later date. the course is divided into two main 6 weeks sprints with 1 or 2 weeks of much-needed rest in between Junior Part: these 6 first weeks when you will cover a large range of subjects in a fast-paced manner, a regular day usually starts at 9 am sharp, where you will have a non evaluated yet timed code challenge great to get your brain warm-up for the day, then its followed by a lecture on the subject of 1-3 hours tops depending on the subject, and then you will spend the rest of your day solving a difficult exercise with a fellow student doing pair programming (is a different partner per subject) and then at the end of the day an instructor will explain the exercise and answer all the questions you might have, that doesn't mean you are left alone during the time between the lecture and the exercise review, as you are able to make help request at any time where an instructor will guide you through the problem you currently have without handling down the solution. during these 6 weeks, they cover the range of subjects most boot camps cover in 3 months,(this Bootcamp is from Monday to Saturday, 9 am to 9 pm. so it shows here) Senior Part: after you return for your much-needed break the senior part focus on using what you learn in the junior part and using it for your own projects, you will have to make 3 projects during this part. one by yourself, another with 1 or 2 more students working on a legacy project(meaning you need to improve and work on code you didn't initially write), and then you have the thesis project which is where you will apply every bit of knowledge you got so far. working in a group of 3-5 students, probably using an agile methodology. Job Preparation Week: after all of that is done, the last week's focused on helping you prepare yourself for finding a job, here you will make mock interviews and received super helpful techniques and tips to get noticed and get that dreamed job you been doing all this for. to be clear the will provided a ton of help but as with everything else in this place, you will need to put in the effort. also, you have hiring day, which is a day where Codeworks sets interviews between you and different companies, These are small interviews of 10 mins, but it's great to practice for other companies or to get the ball rolling if you two are a match after you finished the course you get to join the code works alumni where all graduates can share problems, jokes, and more importantly, job offers for other Codeworks graduates. its been one of the most difficult, demanding, and rewarding experiences of my life and I managed to land a dream job in around 26 days after going through Codeworks. in my opinion, it's well worth the price and time