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Emma Chivers

To preface this review, I started this program while pursuing my Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design. Now although I had 3 years of schooling in Design I felt like the projects I was given didn't provide me with the real-life experience I needed to enter the industry with confidence. After researching various bootcamps I felt that Springboard provided the best option for the best cost. I ended up signing up for the UI/UX course because it contained an emphasis in not only visual design but also in user research and user experience. I wanted to make sure that when I completed my certification that not only would it provide me with some valuable portfolio pieces but that it would help me feel comfortable applying for a job in the field post graduation. Overall, this course exceeded my expectations the mentors were amazing and provided me with some very valuable feedback whether that was related to various assignments or career advice. As some who went to a university and has a degree in Design I don't think I would have gained the same experience and knowledge I gained from Springboard at school. The experience was truly phenomenal and I would recommend it to anyone (especially females interested in Tech!).

Grace Lee

I completed Springboard's UX/UI Career Track program and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking into a UX boot camp. I initially struggled between choosing the best boot camp for me and felt overwhelmed with the number of options out there. I recommend reaching out to someone on the Springboard team to get more information and talk about if this is the best option for you. Springboard's curriculum has equipped me well and given me the experience I need to begin my job search in this industry. Springboard also pairs you up with a real-life client as part of your last project and I believe that to be super valuable. Not only was I able to apply the design skills that I've learned throughout the course, but I was able to get real-life work experience and have a valuable project to add to my personal portfolio. The mentorship program is also great and another highlight of the program. I would recommend the boot camp to anyone who is serious about learning UX/UI design!