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Jordan Strassner

1:1 Mentor Calls provide specifically catered help with anything each particular student needs, the curriculum is thorough, and the career counseling provides the necessary resources and guidance to get a foot into the industry if lacking in background

Kuda Mwakutuya

The instruction was excellent. The TA's were very helpful. My mentor was awesome. I feel confident in my abilities now I am job searching for an entry level position. I am on solid ground. Only drawbacks are that I feel like it was not emphasized that if you fail any of the mock interviews twice, you do not get the job guarantee. I came to this realization when I started doing the mock interviews at the end. Could be a determining factor in signing up for some people. Also, the mock interviewers need to follow the rubric for the mock interviews more strictly. The amount of variability in how Interviewers should be minimized as much as possible.