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Jonathan Garcia

So I have been working on my BS in computer science part time while I was working full time. I was recently laid off and had to make a decision. That is where I found Hack Reactor. Based on their reputation and the fact that the IT department from my previous employer (USAA), accepted Hack Reactor certification as a minimum requirement, I made the leap. To be honest, the program was tough, humbling, and at a few different times I second guess my decision to become a software engineer. With all that being said, IT ALL PAID OFF and was ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT. The program is set up in a specific and purposeful way and all the struggles I experience in the first half helped forge a great learning mind set for the second half and now I feel comfortable diving into any new tech or language with the CS fundamentals and autonamity I learned from the program. Lasly, the staff is top notch and I could not have done this without the technical and mental support. If you have the want and dive to become a software engineer, please try Hack Reactor. PROS: 1) Skyrocketed my knowledge 2)Reputable company, 3) great alumni support 4) ISA support 5) excellent career support after graduation (offered for up to 6 months after graduation) CONS: 1) can be pricey (but ISA is an option) 2) you need 3 completely free months to complete if you are doing the full time course(this course is very intensive and requires your full time for those 3 months)